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My Great Uncle's Piano

This rather dark  graphic tale features in the first issue of music-themed comic anthology 'Radio On.' The follow-up, entitled 'Professor Valdemar's Final Experiment' features in issue 2.


Click the image to visit their website and take a closer look at both stories.

Mechanical Elephant

This is a short comic strip I did for an exhibition entitled 'Adventures in Comics' at Marine Studios gallery in Kent.  The organisers were looking for two-page submissions on the theme 'Mechanical Elephant.'  This was my offering, which was included in the final exhibition.

Click the image to read the full comic.

2014 Global Carbon Budget

This project was commissioned to accompany the 2014 Global Carbon Budget Report.


Among other things the report outlines the planet’s carbon emissions over the previous year and the implications for both society and the climate.

There's a helpful overview of the report here, along with a discussion about the pictures and what they represent.


BalletLORENT are a contemporary dance company. I created this image to accompany their gothic retelling of Snow White, part of a trilogy of fairytale productions I am lucky enough to be involved with.

Click the image to view their site.

Bear and Butterfly

This is the poster I designed for children's theatre company Theatre Hullabaloo and their production about  an elderly bear and his new friend. Bear and Butterfly is currently touring.

English Experience

These are three images from a series of over 200 that I did for the English Experience School of English, who organise summer camps for children learning English. The images were scenes and flashcards designed to illustrate a range of key words.

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